017Cooking has always been a big part of my life, in the 3rd grade, I’d run home from the bus stop, to make myself an omelet, and watch Graham Kerr, “the Galloping Gourmet”.  Next was Julia Child, and there were many others, including Paul Prudhomme, Alice Walker, Emeril Lagasse, and Idea Angle my 4-H cooking leader. Despite my reading disabilities I loved “Joy of Cooking” (the old one), it was amazing to me they could put such a bible of cooking together.  The history of cuisine was fascinating to me, and these were the only people teaching it then (No internet).  There were countless other influences, some gleamed from newspapers, magazines, the backs of food containers, or even over heard conversations.  Back then I entered a lot of recipe contest, my “pizza salad” won, another was the “yogurt sandwich spread”, can’t recall, but there were lots of others.  When my family moved out of town, another ingredient in my personal cooking evolution, was substituting ingredients, and improvisation.  Cooking and waitress jobs were plentiful, when I was a young adult, and I usually enjoyed them:  As the sandwich girl, at the county hospital cafeteria, people lined up out the door waiting for one of my “invented” creations. In 1978 when Scott and I got married, I along with some help from my mother, catered our wedding, (not the cake), and some of the 200+ guest are still talking about the food.

In the last few years, I have been influenced, by the work and books of Dr.Catherine & Luke Shanahan.  Sally Fallon’s book “Nourishing Traditions” has also opened my eyes, and the website of Deborah Murlagh of New Zealand.  Again countless others, mostly by internet, no one cooks alone.  There is a growing real and clean food movement across the world.  People want to eat well, be well, and enjoy life.

Eating well has always been a goal for me, but what I really want is to eat GREAT  and lose weight, and lose my habit of over indulging.  After a life time of fad diets, and years of taking supplements, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am much better off, eating the right nutrition.  Yes, I believe we can enjoy our lives, we can control ourselves, and we can address almost every medical and or mental issue, and find true happiness frist and for most thru love, life style and great food.

How about an intro?  Born 8/20/51,  grew up in central valley ca….1978 married  Scott Kellstrom….Ok that’s the stuff you can find out on just a google search.  You really want to know?  How about, I love to cook,  and eat too.  And drink.  Sometimes I drink, and eat too much. The thing is for years now I have been stressed out and instead of taking control of myself, I perpetuated that stress and the stress hormone by drinking and eating too much.   PS I used to smoke too.

My goal is to help myself, my husband, and my family.  Show you what’s working for us, or not, and hope it helps you too.

This is an article about my art from the newspaper.


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