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Tuolumne Honey Company





Hand Cut Pesto 2

Pesto 2, made with Fiscalini* farmstead San Joaquin Gold cheese, Four K Farms* Chandler walnuts, & basil from my back yard. This new recipe makes an incredible, sauce. First the cheese is superb, and second the raw Chandler walnuts (soaked to sprout and then dried) take this already great paste to a whole new level.

For our dinner I topped eggplant staeks with the pesto, some of my home-made mozzarella , home-made ground beef, shiitake mushrooms and a bit more of the Fiscalini*. Paired with Black Sheep* Zin, it was a fabulous dinner.


Check out Fiscalini Farm’s Website:


Nicolau Farmstead low-carb lunch


For each sandwich; 2 oz Quatro Pepe Capream aged cheese, from Nicolau Farms, Modesto, Ca, & 2 oz thin sliced beef, (best if grass-fed). The firm texture, yet creamy, and pepper flavors of the cheese compliment the tender sliced beef. Bubbie’s kosher dill pickles sliced thin, fresh garden lettuce, sweet onions, and loads of home-made mayo, with just a drop of Dijon mustard, and of course, low-carb sprouted bread, make this diet lunch a delight. Mountain hike optional.

Check out Nicolau Farm’s Website:

Farmstead Organic, Nicasio Valley, San Geronimo Cheese & Steak Sandwich

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Artisan Cheese of the Day, San Geronimo, from Nicasio Valley, Farmstead & Organic. The following is a slide-show.

Nicasio Valley Organic Farmstead San Gernimo Low Carb Sandwich

Nicasio Valley Organic Farmstead San Geronimo Low Carb Sandwich


Dave’s Meat Service

Dave’s Meat Service, 5149 Blue Gum Ave, Modesto Ca. (209) 527-2861 They often have a both at the Farmer’s Market, or you can buy T-F 8-5, Sat 8-12 at their location. You can buy, in small or large quantities, Grass-Fed/Grass-Finished local beef, as well as local Farmstead pork, and poultry, and those hard to get goodies like clean pork-back, or leaf-fat (kidney), Grass fed bones for bone broth. Homestead, free range birds. They do offer, conventional, meats although very good quality also, so be specific about what you want to buy.

Check them out on facebook at:

Open Space Meats

Open Space Meats, our ground beef is made in with 85% lean trim, chuck meat and round meat (sometimes sirloin). Ground in small batches (about 300-500 pounds). I hope that helps. If there is anything else we can do for you please let me know. Thanks Seth Nitschke Open Space Meats LLC PO Box 209 Newman, CA 95360 209-262-8780 (ph) 209-862-4275 (fax) Open Space ground beef can be purchased direct from them, 20 or more lb.’s can be delivered. 1lb.s or more at a time at Cornucopia in Modesto Ca.

Orvis Ranch Beef

Orvis Ranch Beef can be purchased 1 lb at a time or more in the Twain Harte Market, in Twain Harte Ca. You can also buy direct. Customers who buy a Quarter or Half beef are buying our dry aged then frozen product. Dave at Twain Harte buys beef that has not been frozen and then he ages the beef. He could give you more details on his process. For customers who would like to buy a smaller amount we offer two different 30 pound boxes. One is $7.50 per pound and has #10 each ground beef , small roasts, and steaks. The other #30 box is $ 8.50 per pound and has #15 pounds of ground beef, and #15 of steaks. If either of those choices sound good to you we can arrange pick-up from the House of Beef in Oakdale. We aren’t in Modesto at this time. Please call if we can get you more information! 209.559.2122″

Rawhide Meats

Rawhide Meats 209-984-8814 Custom Processing “your local source of ranch raised meats.” Grass finished, No hormone clean beef is available in any amount. I have seen these people working, and it’s clean and small 1-2 beef at a time. You can buy as little as lb of ground beef, at their shop out side of Jamestown or at the Tuolumne City Farmer’s Market, on Wed. afternoon, 4:00 till dusk. If you are lucky, and raise your own, they can process it for you.

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