Paleo Probiotic Beef Jerky

Probiotic Beef Jerky Home Made

Probiotic Beef Jerky Home Made

New recipe for Paleo!

For Paleo fallow this recipe with one exception.  It’s simple omit the soy sauce.  Stores do not sell fresh whey.  Whey is a by product of cheese or yogurt making if you are not making those, here is an other way to get it.  The three pictures below show a quick easy process to separate whey for this recipe.  Drain whole milk organic yogurt over night in the refrigerator. We like the whey felt over from Home-made cheese making for the best for flavor.  See New Cheese Video


This is very popular in our house, but now days I make it with Grass-fed/Grass-finished beef, usually London Broil.002

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