Reduction Sauce

Made a good herbal crust, in spice mill (it’s, just my old, coffee grinder). It was made with dried, french tarragon, whole mustard seed & fennel, let the dust settle, then added salt & pepper.  I still do the old school thing and stick garlic into the meat.
This was a very tough, cheap piece that  did not improve, no surprise there.  I keep forgetting you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.  This is a left over that begged to become soup.007 

How ever two things that really went well, were the rub, and the reduction sauce.  Sauce: 1/2 Cup red wine, reduced to 1/4, add meat drippings, (limit fat), yea I know it’s not like me to tell you to limit fat, but this comes later.  After the meat has rested, like 15 minutes, slice (in this case the thinner the better) and let the juices run onto a plate to collect and add to sauce.  Taste and season if need, and add some of the fat now.

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