Sweet Pea Dinner

Sugar Peas 004006009010013016017018

Scott grew these wonderful sugar peas, and they were fantastic tonight.  Before working on the vegetables I set out, coated with olive oil and seasoned,  a London Broil, as in my video,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfDXdWgyMds.  After picking and cleaning the peas, I snapped them off were needed. Next I cleaned about 6 good size cremini mushrooms, using an only slightly damp towel. While slicing the mushrooms, I tossed about 1 tablespoon of sweet butter into my skillet, and turned it to the next to lowest setting. The cremini mushrooms, and a pinch of sea salt went in with the organic sweet butter from pastured cows. I cooked them low and slow for about 15 minutes, then for about another 15-20 on the lowest giving them a quick flip every 5 minutes or so.  Something magic and wonderful happen, to the texture and flavors, of the mushrooms, they were creamy, pungent and earthy, different than I’ve ever had. When my gas grill was hot enough, I cooked the London Broil for about 6-7 minutes, turned it over, then 4-5 more.  It came out rare, and nicely charred, which was perfect.  I sliced it at angle, across grain and thin, and across the grain again to make long thin strips of meat, as you would for a stir fry. I added about 1/2 the meat, and juices from cutting or the pan, a handful of chandler walnuts, and the fresh just picked sugar peas. Brought up to temp, careful not to cook just heat up. We had one of the most delicious and incredible meals ever. The crisp sweet sugar peas, the creamy savory mushrooms, the tender sliced flakes of beef with slightly charred edges, and both the butter, mushroom deglaze, meat juices with spices, all merged to make this succulent dish, with each flavor and texture standing alone, but in harmony and compliment of each other.

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