Artisan Cheese of the day, Tomme from Winters Cheese co.

I love artisan cheese, life is too short to not enjoy these luscious treats.  Made by real hands on artists, in small batches, not machines. What these few cheese makers do are masterpieces, not carbon copies or computerized clones, but true works of art.  Now comes the part where you will be scratching your head, like if this stuff is so great, why are you putting it in a sandwich?  Because it makes a good sandwich great.  Yes you need to pair it with the other ingredients that work, but yes an already unique sandwich, and yes even a low-carb diet sandwich, can be raised to exceptional heights, with artisan cheese.

Recipe below pictures:

001005007008009011  Health benefits, are tremendous from these ingredients:

Low Carb sprouted bread, Tomme cheese, home-made mayonnaise, Bubbies dill pickles, (probiotic and sliced thin), lactic acid culture (no synthetic nitrates) salami, garden fresh onions, and jalapeño pepper slices.

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