Twisted steaks

016009008Twisted steaks with Twisted Oak Petite Sirah , sweet home-made garlic butter,  and fresh from the garden green beans.

Here’s the biggest twist, reverse sear, this slow method makes a more succulent and tender steak.  Once the juices are locked in, give them the hot grill marks to finish them off. To reverse sear steaks, you need indirect heat and high heat.  On a four bunner gas grill, use two burners as high as they’ll go, when the temp seems as hot as it gets, place the meat away from the flames, and cook until you get an internal temp around 100. I check them every 5 minutes, removing them to a plate off the grill for each check and keeping the lid shut as much as possible.  Flip with each check.  When the inside temp reaches a little over 100 proceed to sear, getting the traditional char marks, grill no longer than a couple minutes on each side, keep checking, you don’t want to go over 120, because the meat keeps cooking a while after you take them off. Coat with garlic butter, and let rest 5 minutes, if you can.

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