Light & Yummy Snacking Bread


After making mayonnaise I end up with extra egg whites.  This is a great way to use them up, and it’s very popular in our house.  The almond gives it this little bit of grainy crunch texture while the egg whites make it light and airy.  My husband Scott loves it with a smear of nut butter, or to dip into guacamole.

Light & Yummy Snacking Bread

Place starter in bowl.  Grind almond flour. Mix together.  Beat egg whites with a pinch of salt to form soft peeks. Gently fold in.  Spread across a sheet of parchment paper on cooking sheet.  Bake at 250 degrees, until lightly browned and dry, anywhere from 1/2 to 1 hour.  Ovens, humidity, and how thick or thin you spread the batter will determine the baking time. google – k2 unlimited content

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