Paleo Grass-fed/Grass-Finished London Broil with video

Paleo Grass-fed/Grass-Finished London Broil

011022DSC01987Grilled London Broil   The last picture is a video recipe of how to make this. The meat in the first 2 pictures is Orvis Ranch grass-fed/grass-finished London Broil, it was easy to grill and great tasting. Just about everybody knows the tremendous benefits of eating grass-fed/grass-finished over GMO fed, feed-lot finished beef from cattle that have been drugged up and meat that’s been enhanced.  The grass-fed/grass-finished turned out wonderful, juicy, tender and a bit more complex than the feed-lot Londons.  A fresh from the garden green salad, makes a great side dish with the tender juicy meat.

  • 1 Fresh grass-Fed/grass-Grass/Finished London Broil
  • olive oil (to coat) nonGMO extra virgin
  • 2 cloves pressed garlic
  • unrefined sea salt
  • fresh ground black pepper

Cover beef with olive oil, 1 clove pressed garlic, sea salt, and pepper.  Turn and repeat on other side.  Let meat come to room temperature.  Pre-heat grill, to 450-500.  Grill meat around  4-5 minutes on the first side, and 3-4 on the second.  check with an instant meat thermometer, I recommend stopping at 110* for rare, and 120* for medium rare, because the meat should rest for 5 minutes and it cooks a bit more all that time, you can put it back on the grill if needed, but you can’t undo over cooked meat. Slice the meat paper thin, against the grain, and at a slight angle.  Drizzle a bit of olive oil on before serving.

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