Orange Whip Power Drink or Cocktail

Something about orange and cream just works together.  The sweet tangy pop of citrus and the rich satisfying mouth feel of real cream transports me to a childhood comfort food level.  Closing my eyes after the first sip, brings back memories of summers in park play grounds and running for the ice cream truck.  This makes a great power drink to take to the gym, or pick-me-up for that afternoon low.  Better yet frozen cocktails are incredible with a shoot of rum or brandy!

  • fresh squeezed orange juice
  • heavy cream best raw or only pasteurized NEVER ULTRA PASTEURIZED  organic form pastured cows not given antibiotics or hormones.


Fill ice-cube tray half full with juice.  Top with heavy cream and freeze.  Blend frozen cubes in blender or food processor.  Blending can also be down by hand with a fork after a bit of thawing.  Add options like egg, or whey for power drink.  Brandy or rum for cocktail.  Enjoy!

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