Garden Thinnings & Ground Farmstead Meat Goulash

When I was little my Mom always had a clean out the refrigerator and freezer meal (no frost-free freezers).  Everything that needed to be eaten went in the pot along with ground beef.  She would always call it Goulash because she’d add a couple of tablespoons of paprika.  It was not real Goulash but I liked the taste of the paprika.  This is my variation on my Mom’s theme, using up garden thinning’s or vegetables about to peek, and what ever farmstead ground meats that need cooking, and of course lots of smoky paprika.                                                         DSC02607DSC02609DSC02611DSC02612

Baby carrot, collard greens and ground farmstead meat goulash

Any vegetables that need to be eaten.  Here I used crimini mushrooms, collard greens and baby carrots.  Grass-fed ground beef, farmstead ground pork.  Here I used about 1/3 lb. of each.  Ground lamb, chicken or turkey would work as well. About 1/2 cup of bone broth.  Cook the different types of meat separately.  Vegetables with different cooking times as well.  When done, combine all add lots of smoky paprika and your choice of other spices.

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