Easy Clean Up!


Easy Clean Up!  This was a happy accident.  While  reaching for a scrubber I absent mindedly pick up an orange half and start using it.  Wow it worked!  My little fry pan was really bad, almost throw away bad.  I started with orange rub and baking soda leaving it over night. That lifted out about 95% of the burnt on gunk. On the remaining 5% I redid the orange rub and soda, set it on low on the stove, and 5 minutes later it wiped out clean.  The roasting pan had a lot of built up, stains and debris. First I rubbed it with the orange half, then added baking soda to make a paste.  Let it sit for 20-25 minutes, came back used the orange half like a scrubber and most everything wiped off clean. The broiler pan I had roasted bacon in.  After removing the bacon drippings, I rubbed everything with the orange half, let it sit, and it wiped clean with a hot wet soapy cloth.  The stainless steel sink cleaned up great with the orange half, only needed a bit of  orange/baking soda paste for the strainer. Amazing simple little things that really work.

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