Easy Cold Brewed Coffee

DSC02940DSC02941 DSC02942 DSC02943 DSC02944

This is so good and now that summer is here…aka 100 degree plus days.  It’s time for cool coffee, yes it’s a real pick-you-up, with out warming you up.

Cold Brewed Coffee

  • regular amount of coffee per cup (2 tablespoons per 6-8 oz. of water)
  • regular amount of filtered water
  • ice
  • cream to taste
  • pinch of unrefined sea salt

Place coffee in container, fill with water.  Wait 10-15 minutes, softly shake.  Cover and let sit 4-24 hours at room temperature.  Decant through a coffee filter, paper towel, or French Press.  Pour over ice.  Add cream and salt.  Enjoy!

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