Mystery Have you seen these?

DSC03328DSC03330DSC03333bitter melon 2

Mystery!  Have you seen these?

This vine was a volunteer in a pot with one of our Chadwick Cherry Tomatoes.   It’s incredibly tall, with several vines up 20 feet in to the orange tree.  What’s really interesting, is that I recognize it now.  In 2009 we bought African Horned Melon “Jelly Melon” seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  We haven’t grown them since, and moved 12 miles.  Somehow the seed was either in the pot, or mixed in with the Chadwick Cherry Tomato seeds my husband Scott saved and has used since 2009.  We didn’t grow the melons again because we found them bitter and prickly to pick.  They turn a bright orange when ripe, and are popular in Asian cuisine.

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