Picnic on the Lake

November 10, 2014, 68 degrees at Pinecrest lake 5600 elevation.!


Quick stop at Twain Harte Market for an impromptu picnic to buy:  Diestel Deli Smoked Turkey, Aidells Spicy Jalapeno Salame, Fiscalini Farmstead Smoked Cheddar, an assortment from the olive bar including Mozzarella prosciutto stuffed peppers.  Fresh Fuji apples, dried cherries and dark chocolate.  We enjoyed our lunch lake side, before moving on up 108 to Herring Creek road. There we took several hikes.  The first thru a large aspen grove, but we just missed the big show, the leaves had already turned and fell.  Next we stopped at a ridge that over looked the Dardanelles.  Driving on, about where the pavement ends we found this Snow Cabin sign, but where’s the Cabin?  The last picture is of the brilliant green moss, the camera just doesn’t quite capture it’s iridescent eclectic green. When you see it for yourself you will understand how otherworldly unnatural the color looks.  We had a wonderful fun day, just a couple of days ago, and by now with the new snow fall we couldn’t even drive in there.

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