Asparagus Stem Soup, made from woody part you throw away!

Stop throwing away great stuff!  Asparagus season is starting, I love fresh local asparagus grown in rich delta soil.  But I hate the waste.  After cooking the tender tips, use up the woody tough stems to make great soup and stew base.  Never throw those stems away again.  Once you break or cut the stems off, use right away or store in the freezer until your ready.  Add chicken broth see,  Bone Broth or Stock  and your choice of meats and vegetables, or heavy cream, for incredible over the top comfort food.  Make your own creations, with this intense rich base, let your imagination go wild.  Have fun!


Asparagus Stem Soup

  • 2-4 bunches of asparagus stems
  • 1 medium eggplant
  • option, parmesan or other eatable cheese rinds
  • filtered water as needed *add saved cooking water from steamed asparagus tips for flavor burst
  • 3-4 cups chicken bone broth, see Bone Broth or Stock   option store bought broth
  • scrap vegetables for broth
  • 1-2 teaspoons olive oil
  • unrefined sea salt
  • fresh ground black pepper
  • fresh ground white pepper
  • add seasoning as desired  I like tarragon, cumin, cardamom, basil, paprika, allspice and even a bit of Worcestershire sauce (American’s fish sauce)
  • option, sautéed meats and vegetables
  • option, add warm cream, just before serving for “Cream of Asparagus” soup

The asparagus stems are very fibrous.  Cook them down until tender about 30 minutes.  Add chopped eggplant, and cheese rinds if using, simmer together 30-40 minutes more.  In a separate pot simmer chicken bone broth, and scrap vegetables, about 30-40 minutes also.  Strain vegetables from broth and add to pot with asparagus and eggplant.  When eggplant is tender strain the asparagus eggplant broth mixture.  Press through as much as possible. Sometimes I let everything cool then just squeeze it with my hands.  Other tools are a potato ricer, hand blender or food mill.  See the picture of the stringy fibrous pulp, good for compost, but not digestible.

Now you have fabulous base.  Add spices and oil.  The recipe possibilities are virtually unlimited.  Here are just a few additional ideas of fun foods to add.  Have fun, be creative, enjoy!

  • Grilled citrus & spice rubbed shrimp
  • Grass fed ground beef meat balls
  • Mixture of sautéed sausages and vegetables
  • Grilled asparagus tips and heavy cream
  • Turmeric & spice rubbed grilled chicken breast
  • Fresh picked garden greens
  • Roasted garlic & cheese crisp
  • Fresh Sourdough Pasta


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