DIY Replacing 30″ glass cook top with Gas cook top


My old 30″ glass cook top, was in a 31″ cut out.  This makes it very difficult to replace it with a 30″ gas cook top. Looking on the internet I found this is a problem in other homes.  For months I searched for a replacement  gas cook top that would fit.  Keep in mind the counter is granite so going to the next larger common size 36″ means going to the trouble of cutting into the granite counter.  Finally I found a 5 burner 34″ gas cook top that fit into a 30″ or so hole.  This seems to be the perfect solution. The microwave hood was not working and also needed replacement.  My nephew Noah and his son Lestat, installed both the cook top and a hood range, in less than 6 hours including running the gas line. They did this on Saturday, and I was super happy they finished, because the next day was my super bowl party!  Here are some before, during and after pictures. The cook top is Ancona, from Costco.

One thought on “DIY Replacing 30″ glass cook top with Gas cook top

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