Seed Starting Tomatoes & Peppers

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  1. Plant seeds just under surface in seed starting potting mix.
  2. Keep evenly moist.
  3. For starting containers, Scott uses egg carton sections, placed inside a plastic clam shell.
  4. Keep evenly warm.  Placing on top the refrigerator, along side a low watt bulb for heat, works well.
  5. When seeds sprout. move under a stronger fluorescent light.  They will still have the seed attached, on what look like leaves, but are not yet true leaves.
  6. When the true leaves form below the little seed crown transfer to larger cups in potting soil.
  7. Start hardening off outdoors, “placing outside in sunlight where you’ll be planting them” during the day. Take caution, to not over do it.
  8. Transfer into soil, or containers.  Well amended with compost.

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