Santa Cruz Beach & Boardwalk Spring Break

DSC05048 (2)

So much has changed since I was here in the summers of 1963-1967.  Lot’s of fun then and now.  Really miss the “Fascination Game”.  I was good at it winning all kinds of funny prizes, mostly snow domes.  The two mainstays of my youth are still there;  Bumper Cars & The Giant Dipper roller coaster.  Yesterday the sugar smell was almost toxic, it made me wonder if it’s always been that way.  Now days just down the street toward the Warf is “The Picnic Basket” a great alternative to the carnival food on the boardwalk, and they even have “Penny Ice Cream”!  I’ll always love the sun, surf, fun, food, rides and games.  I can’t go back in time, but I can go with my sweetheart and enjoy it now.



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