The short story is I got 7 dozen eggs.  Some as much as

3 weeks old that sat in refrigerator with off & on power

for a several days.  Below I’ll show how to test eggs for

safe use.  Despite what I’m showing here, if you have any

doubt throw them out.  The power outages were caused

by the Detwiler Fire, the first of many terrible fires Ca.

suffered in 2017.  It came very close to these chickens

and ducks who’s eggs I buy.  The fire came very close to

burning down my cousin’s home of 40 plus years in

Cathey’s Valley. It was very scary with thick smoke and

ash, daytime was like twilight in the house, and dark

outside.  It was hard to see, hard to breath and hard to

think. Evacuations came and it looked very bad.  The

fire had jumped the river at least twice, and the highway

more. It burned very hot through dense manzanita

brush.  Many homes were lost.



Acres burned: 81,826 acres Destroyed: 63 residences,

67 minor structures, 1 commercial, damaged 13 homes.

The fire burned across Hwy 49, east and south of Lake

McClure, in Mariposa County, Ca. Started  Sunday, July

16, 2017.  Burned 2,500 acres within its first day.  By

Thursday July 20, the fire was over 70,000 acres in size

with only 7% containment.


This was a big two story home,  part of 1

burned out neighborhood in Mt. Bullion.


Road end it says.



It’s really hard to get from pictures.

Egg testing, test in room temperature water.


Lay flat good egg.


Not quite flat still good, but use soon.


Up right use asap. or throw out.


Never eat an egg that floats.

About 3 dozen were good.  These were unwashed

free range fresh farm eggs.  If they had been from

a store, I won’t have bothered.  Just thrown them

away.  My cousin, her home, & cats are all fine.

Now fresh grasses are coming in.

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