Olive Cookies

My sweet husband rides his bike 15+ miles a day,  and

wants to eat a low carbohydrate diet.  Here is a fun

little snack I came up with for him, but you don’t need

to be counting carbs to enjoy these tasty little morsels.

They are puffy little cheese nibbles, with crisp edges

encasing tangy olives, stuffed with blue cheese.  Made

simply with olives, cheese and eggs.  IMHO these

little bites pair well with Beer and Wine as suggested

in the photo.  See the very easy recipe below pictures.


Olive Cookies

1. Place olives on paper towels, opening side down

to drain.

2.Stuff with blue cheese, nuts or dried fruit.

3. Shred aged cheddar cheese finely, about 1/4 cup

per olive.

4. Whisk 1 egg for each 6 olives, add cheese.

5. Press onto each olive, place on sheet pan.

6. Bake at 325° for 25-30 minutes, until baked.

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