The Power Drink!


.Yesterday I made cheese and yogurt, because I had no whey.  My power drink is based on whey, 1 gallon of milk made almost 1 lb of cheese, and almost 1 gallon of whey. This is a very simple to make. Drink during your work out, I’m doing power lifting right now and it really works, plus no cramps at night.

2 cups fresh liquid whey

2 cups green tea, or green coffee *(steep green coffee beans in clean water for a day)

*little extra, guarana powder, ephedra a leaf tea.

1/2 teaspoon real salt

(I just fill the bottle with tea after that)

If you can’t make the cheese or yogurt, you can buy yogurt and drain the whey off overnight This is how I do it, what’s left is a wonderful soft yogurt cheese.  Mix with a little herbs, to make a spread.   It’s probiotic too!



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