Beef Bone Stock Soup

Beef Bone Stock Soup

Beef Bone Stock

Beef Bone Stock

005         This has, beef, chicken, and my home-made sausage, wonderful crisp vegetables, but it’s the rich stock that really makes it great.

It is really cold outside tonight, 35 degrees at 6:30 and getting lower. This hot hearty rich soup was a great dinner on this cold winter night. I simmered the beef bones for 4 -5 days in my small electic crock pot. This morning I decanted the liquid and refrigerated it. Tossed out the spent bones and meat. To night when we got home, I skimmed off the fat, warmed up the broth, and caramelized vegetables in olive oil or butter, on med-low heat separately. When all the vegetables were done, I added them all and we ate this wonderful hearty soup.

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