Herbal infusion make your own tea blend

Herbal infusion make your own tea blend.  Talk about cheep drinks, what could be easier and lower in coast than an herbal tea, mostly from your own yard and clean water.



The 1st leaves are dried stevia, from my herb garden. stevia is much sweeter than sugars, and zero calories, plus it has other benefits.  It’s easy to grow and gets big.  Like all foods it’s much better not processed, refined, and bleached.  You can crumble the leaves up by hand, use a spice (coffee) grinder, or mortar and pestle, or even leave them whole, and they don’t need to be dried.   2nd are star anise, talk about aroma therapy, the fragrance is incredible, these I bought in the Mexican section at the grocery store, along with whole cinnamon, both cheep.  Break every thing up, and be careful not to use too much stevia a little goes a long way!  Seep in hot water, at least 10 minutes, or longer.  I let mine cool some and added more water to make a full pitcher, the peppermint from my front yard goes good with it.  You could make up all kinds of blends, there’s no limit, make notes, so you can do it again, or not depending how they turn out.  Enjoy

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