BBQ Ribs in the Oven

On Monday and Tuesday we had 35 mile an hour winds, and I finally realized there was no way I was slow cooking ribs in the weber.  What else could I do?  I set my convection oven at 250, put a pan of water in the bottom, and the ribs on the middle rack.  After the 1st hour I turned them down to 225.  5 hours later sauced them, let them ride another hour, then turned off the oven and waited for dinner….Mouth watering,  just want to try to eat slow, show some self-control.


Look at these ribs, I still can’t get over how great they came out.  Don’t get me wrong in the weber is still better, but only by a fraction.  It’s so nice to have options that work out so well.  These were cooked almost the same as in the Weber, I’ve posted the video so you can compare.  This is what I did:

BBQ Ribs in Weber

BBQ Ribs in Weber

24 hours ahead, coated ribs with mustard and my dry rub, just like in the video.  Last 3 hours spray with vinegar every 20-30 minutes, this should have been in the original BBQ video, also I think using the coconut sugar is super important, I’ve dropped use of the agave, if you want to know why I’ll post it.

The Rub

The Rub

BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce

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