Fun Nuts

Fun Nuts   006  007008011    These are incredibly great tasting, pan roasted nuts, and with the sweet butter, sea salt, and organic maple syrup, they hit the holy trinity of succulent flavors. They are rich healthy and nutritious.  (Recommend soaking/sprouting nuts ahead, for walnuts soak 4 hours in filtered water & 2 tap sea salt.  Dry in low oven or dehydrator.  See my video for more info.)

Soaking Raw Almonds & Dehydrating

Soaking Raw Almonds & Dehydrating

To make pan roasted Fun Nuts: Melt 1-2 pats of sweet butter (best from pastured cows), on low heat, toss in a handful of walnuts, don’t crowd the pan.  Toss to coat and flip every 1-2 minutes.  When they look lightly toasted and have a roasted nut aroma they’re done.  Drain on paper or clean towel.  Drizzle lightly with organic maple syrup, and sprinkle with kosher sea salt.

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