Reverse Sear Steaks on Wood Coals

Reverse Sear Steaks on Wood Coals   007010012011013014015016017

Up date, June 3.   It is much quicker and easier to control the temps, on a gas grill, but you do lose the wood flavors.  Better grocers with real meat departments, will be happy to cut the steaks thicker for you, ask a day ahead, or call, but often they can do it right away.  For more info on using the gas grill go to my post:   Playing with the Spanish Dragon

It is important that the meat thick.  These were 1 & 1/2 inches thick , well marbled ribeyes, but next time I want to go thicker, some people recommend 2 inches.  I coated them, with sea salt, fresh crushed garlic, and pepper, then left out on the counter an hour before grilling. I raised the coal grate up with bricks, because I wanted the meat just above the heat, on the hot side.  It took about 2 & 1/2 hours to make the wood coals.  Next I set up one very hot spot on 1/3 of the cooking area, with the cooking grill just above the coals.  The rest of the grill should provide indirect heat, and with the lid, and vents open, convecntion.  First I grilled asparagus, on the hot side, and it came out with a nice sear, but crisp and crunchy.  Now the key is to bring the meat up to 115, at the lowest possible temp, while maintaining the highest on the other side.  To achieve this, I put on the steaks and the lid,  2-3 minutes on each side.  No reason to hurry this so I moved them off the grill and took their temp.  Once I got the reading around 112, I dried them lightly with a paper towel, brushed them with butter, and took them to the hot side. The reason for doing this, is to get a great tender, juicy steak, that ‘s got nice caramelization on the outside, without any over cooking. It took just 2 minutes on each side.  You can see they were great.  I’ll make a more detailed video soon but for now, you’ve got the info, it’s the opposite of what we were always told, and in my opinion it works better.

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