Simply Sizzling Sweet Summer Squash & Sausage



Meal for two. Grilled Summer Squash & Sausage. Quick and easy meal. Sweet summer squash is in season now, and will be for some time. If you use a cast iron skillet this whole meal can be done in around 20-30 minutes on an out door grill.

  • 4-6 small to med summer squash
  • 2 fresh sausage (use what you like)
  • 1 pat sweet butter
  • 1 oz fine shredded Fiscalini* San Joaquin Gold cheese

Grill sausage on med-high, and squash on the side away from the flame. Flip every 3-4 minutes, untill all sides have sear marks. Remove and let cool. Melt butter on med-low heat.  Slice sausage and squash, add to pan and flip to coat with butter.  Cover with lid and cook approx. 3-5 minutes or done as you like.  Plate and top with cheese.

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