E-Z Whey & Greek Yogurt

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Whey is a wonderful result from cheese making and other dairy goods . There is more than one way, to get whey.  This is one of the easiest I’ve found, and it also makes a beautiful rich and creamy Greek Yogurt.  Most of my probiotic recipes call for whey, from,  Probiotic Lacto-fermented Pickles to Safe & Sane Super Sports Drink or Smoothie and more.

E-Z Whey & Greek Yogurt

  • Organic Plain, whole milk yogurt.        I recommend Straus*,  It is an artisan vat-set yogurt without thickeners or stabilizers.  Made in small batches and pasteurized only.  All yogurt is pasteurized, but most are ultra-pasteurized which kills off to many nutrients.  If it’s not available in your area, then you need to find one like it, read the label carefully, I’ve posted the Straus label, so if you can’t find it you can compare.  Dairy products of this quality are hard to find.
  • Plastic mesh strainer
  • Clean piece of tea towel

This was a big 32 oz. yogurt, so I had to strain mine in two separate sessions.  The first one I covered with some wax paper and  left in  the refrigerator over night, the second just most the morning.  You can see I got almost a cup of whey, and lots of wonderful Greek yogurt.  Love it!  Time to make more Pickles, love them too.

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