Lucky Eats Grass-fed Beef on his Demand

DSC01730                                               DSC01729

This is Lucky, he loves to eat grass-fed/grass-finished beef.  Christmas time, 23 years ago we meet a little sneezing skinny rat tailed kitten who yelled at us from under our car.  There he was, soaking wet in a puddle right under the center of our trunk.  We had just pulled into my Mother-in-laws drive way, during a big rain storm and were hurrying to get our stuff out of the trunk and into the house. That was the first time we heard Lucky yell, and he’s been doing it ever since. He has yelled in many of my videos as you may have noticed.  He has grown into a handsome, intelligent and, yes demanding cat, who we love dearly.  In November he’ll be 23 years old, in human years, not cat years.  I’m not sure how old that makes him in cat, they used to say 7 of theirs to 1 of ours, I’m not so sure I believe that, but I know he’s definitely old, and grumpy, but then he has been grumpy since we first meet him, and I would say he was 8-10 weeks old then.  It’s so good to see him eat, some days he’ll have a bite of cat food too, but don’t even think about trying to interest him in some of the cheep big feed lot ground beef, I have to admit I tried it, all I got from him was a quick sniff, and walk away.  We know he won’t be around much longer, but this quality of meat really seems to help him.  We are very grateful to have had all theses wonderful years together, and treasure each remaining day.  google – k2 unlimited content

Lucky died Christmas eve, 2013 at the age of 24.  Some times he would eat a spoonful of meat, sometimes nothing.  He passed without seeming to be sick, it’s like he just shut down.  We were very lucky to have known this wonderful full of life cat, and will miss him.

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