Garden trimmings salad


These sweet baby lettuces, spinach, beet shoots and red onion shoots, make such a tender and crisp salad.  When the beets come up they are in clusters, that need to be thinned to the strongest one.  I do this with scissors, and eat the tiny little cuttings.  They have a wonderful Swiss chard flavor.  To thin my lettuce I cut all the bigger leaves, leaving some of the small side ones. On the spinach I just snip the biggest ones, leaving most the of the plant in tact. Clean and toss for an artisan fresh nutrient dense, intensely rich salad.  My home-made “New Cheese” (click on picture to see video recipe)

New Cheese

New Cheese

with herbs, some vegetable peeler shaved farmstead cheese, I used Fiscalini cheddar, green olives, and topped with my home-made Blue cheese dressing. Click on picture for video recipe.

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Live Blue Cheese Dressing

Live Blue Cheese Dressing

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