Grilled Bacon & Cheese Sandwich Healthy Comfort Food after Doing Taxes


It’s tax time and most of us find this stressful.  When my husband and I went to get ours done, I thought “oh this well be no big deal” and in truth it wasn’t.  It took a lot more time than we had planned and for some reason we both felt a little rattled from it.  That’s when I remembered the beautiful new shoulder cut bacon I’d just got from Dave’s Meat Service.  The minute I saw them I wanted to make this sandwich.  Remember good fat should be 50% of your daily diet and what a great comfort food after getting the jitters.  Serve with a slice of probiotic dill pickle and probiotic balenie olives.

Grilled Bacon & Cheese Sandwich

  • Farmstead shoulder cut bacon or regular cut
  • Alvarado St. Bakery* 6.5 net carb per slice Flax seed sprouted whole wheat bread
  • Extra aged cheddar cheese best made with organic milk from farmstead grass-feed cows not treaded with hormones, and rBST*.
  • Sweet Butter best made with organic cream from farmstead grass-feed cows not treaded with hormones, and rBST*.  I love Straus* sweet butter, but it is no longer available in my area.

Cook bacon and set on a towel to drain.  Wipe pan clean.  Reheat and toast bread on one side with a pat of butter.  Next place a pat of butter down, then the untoasted side of a bread slice.  Build the sandwich by placing a layer of cheese, bacon and cheese.  Top with the other bread slice with the untoasted side up and a pat of butter.  When the bottom slice is toasted, flip and if you have a bacon press use it to press the sandwich.  Another why to press, is to simply use a pancake turner or spatula and apply pressure.  Serve with probiotic pickle slices, and probiotic balenie salt dry cured olives.  Enjoy!

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