Paleo Bone Broth Aspic & Gelee




What I’m sharing here is a concept of incredibly magnificent tasting healthy food and art.

It’s really important to play with your food, but I prefer to do it with sensationally great food.  Making creations with “Aspic and Gelée” can make TV’s incessant  “Cupcake Wars”  look silly and lame.  There are so many artistic and palate pleasing opportunities, that a television series based on Aspic could be thrilling and highly rated.  Add to this that real home-made bone broth from grass-fed wild or farmstead live stock bones is the source for an incredibly healthy bone nourishing unaltered gelatin.  Artistic design could run the full spectrum of wonders, from a kaleidoscope of textures, colors, patterns and flavors. Even intricate landscapes and portraits are possible. Using your imagination can be a big pay off here.  Bit’s of eggs, nuts, meats, fresh sweet peas right from the pod, vegetables, edible flowers and herbs and of course savory spices, can be used both for flavor and to illustrate these chilly delights. Whipped flavored cream, butters, and mayonnaise can be added on top.  Remember to keep the gelatin cool, to avoid a melt down. What molds are used to form aspics can make for even more whimsical fun.

Once you learn the basic “how to” of making gelatin from bone broth, aspic is straight forward.  The first step is to make bone broth.  Click on the first picture to see Bone Broth or Stock recipe post.  Note it seems to make stronger gelatin when the bones are roasted first.

Paleo Bone Broth Aspic

See the second picture of the fat cap * and the jelled broth under it.  The broth should be jelled like shown after 12-24 hours of refrigeration.  If it has not jelled, use for sauce, soup or gravy, but not aspic. * I freeze and save the fat cap to use in other recipes.

Remove the fat cap. Reheat on low and reduce down by at least 1/3.  Strain through a tea towel.  This is the base, now it can be used to make large or individual aspics.  For better flavor I reheat and add vegetables, with ” Herbs de Provence”, which for the most part means what herbs you have growing.  Spices again go with what feels right, but go light on salt, which gets stronger when cold.  Cook down on low until vegetables are limp strain and refrigerate.  When chilled, about 6-8 hours, check to see how it’s set.  If not at least partly jelled reduce down again by 1/3 on low heat.  Again chill 6-8 hours and check for jelling, if necessary repeat the last step.

Now the fun part.  Leave at room temperature few minutes.  Spoon into molds.  With layers of vegetable or fruit “Gelée”.*  This is very simple and over the top delicious with fresh home-made whipped cream mayonnaise on top.*

Carrot or Cucumber Gelée

  • Purée small portion of blanched vegetable.  Mix with a small amount of Aspic.  Chill 1-2 hours.

Whipped Cream Mayonnaise

Build to suite.

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