Organic clean & Healthy Home-Made Mayonnaise Video

002                                          Easy Home-Made Mayonnaise

               Organic clean & Healthy Mayonnaise Home-Made

It’s becoming more important to eat clean.  This makes clean home-made mayonnaise essential.  For years now I’ve tried so many different recipes, but this is the one that’s the easiest, and best for me. Believe me I’ve tried lots of other recipes, some where ok, but this one is great, and never fails me, plus I like it.  It’s important that the oil not have an overwhelming strong taste, like olive, or flax, not really a mayo flavor. The left over egg whites can be used up in lots of other recipes.

Post Script

For some reason, egg size perhaps I’ve had to increases this to a total of 3 egg yolks. 11/16/13

11 thoughts on “Organic clean & Healthy Home-Made Mayonnaise Video

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