Arnica Oil made with California Olive Ranch olive oil


A day ago I pinched my finger opening a window.  The pinch did not break the skin but created a narley tender irritating bruise. That’s when I remembered the “Oil of Arnica”  I’d recently made.  Oil of Arnica is an old remedy that I have found to be very effective topically for quickly diminishing bruises, and to relieve muscle soreness and arthritis.  The relief on my badly bruised thumb came almost instantly as I messaged it in.  Oil of Arnica is not recommended for internal use or on broken skin.

The 3 components to making it are:  dried Arnica Montana Flowers, quality oil, and a way to cook it at 100 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours.  First, the dried Arnica Montana Flowers.  Most Arnica sold in grocery stores is not Arnica Montana.  It is often sold in bulk at better health food stores or on-line.  I found it in bulk at a local health food store and although it was $66 dollars per lb. the little bit I bought for .65 cents was enough for 2 batches. Second I wanted to use an oil that was high quality, non-GMO, light in fragrance, absorbed well into the skin, and yet is reasonable in price.  California Olive Ranch oil was a no-brainier considering I already use it in cooking, but have also found it delightful in my bath water along with unrefined sea salt.  The third issue was cooking it at 100 degrees for 24 hours.  My convection oven has a bread proofing setting for the 100 degree mark.  The problem is that the way most cooking appliances work, is not by keeping a constant temperature, but by cycling off and on.  I decided the best way to keep a constant temperature was to use a water bath.

This was very simple to make.  I think it coast me, a little over $2.30 including running the oven.  That’s pretty cheap for around 5 & 1/3 oz.

Oil of Arnica,

  • 2 tablespoons of dried Arnica Montana Flowers
  • 2/3 cup California Olive Ranch olive oil
  • 100 degree Fahrenheit  water

Preheat oven to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat water to 100 degree Fahrenheit.  Grind the Arnica Montana Flowers in a clean spice grinder, I use a coffee grinder that is only for herbs and spices.  Place in a glass jar.  Cover with the California Olive Ranch olive oil.  Press down to make sure all the flowers are covered and not sticking up out of the oil.  Place on a lid.  Put in the 100 degree water bath.  Put in the pre-heated oven, for 24 hours.  Remove and strain as shown. Keep in cool dry dark place.

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