Home-made Smoked Paprika & Seed Saving

Paprika is one of my all time favorite spices.  This is a very basic recipe.  It can be embellished to sensational flavor nuances as you desire, or just keep it classic simple.  Whiskey or other alcohol flavoring and different woods in the smoking process make variations.  Using different peppers, or mix of peppers will change flavors.


Once you’ve handled a hot pepper and touched your eye, or somewhere more sensitive, you probably won’t need to be reminded to where gloves.

Pepper seed saving is so easy, it’s a shame I haven’t done it before.  Simply remove seeds, pinch off any pepper flesh or membrane.  Place on paper plates and dry until seeds feel dry to touch and you can snap one in two. Not recommended to use paper towels which the seeds stick to.  Every few days toss them a bit for even drying.   I put mine on the top of the refrigerator for about 1 & 1/2 weeks.  Store in a brown paper envelope.  Put in a cool dark place, like the bottom drawer of the frig.  It’s best to grow Heirloom peppers.  Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company  is a good source.

Home-made Smoked Paprika

Clean and slice peppers.  Save seeds if desired.  Smoke as directed using what device and chips you have.  I used wood pellets on the lowest one burner setting on a gas grill for about 1/2 hour.  Next dehydrate.  In an oven use the lowest setting and turn the oven on/off.  In a dehydrator use recommend setting.  When peppers are dry, grind to a powder with motor and pestle, or use a for spice only, coffee grinder as shown. Store in an air tight container in dark place.  Remember although Paprika is a called a spice, it’s really a vegetable that can spoil, or mold if moisture gets to it.  My 7 medium peppers made about 1/3 cup.  Next year I’ll be growing a lot more!

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