Mayonnaise Grilled Cheese “bon appetit” Test


Mayonnaise grilled cheese according to “bon appetit” magazine is the very best.  I put it to the test, with what I consider great grilled cheese sandwich makings.

Mayonnaise Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  • Organic clean & Healthy Home-Made Mayonnaise Video
  • Fiscalini  hand-crafted, artisan, award winning, farmstead raw milk cheddar cheese
  • Alvarado St sprouted Organic whole grain bread
  • Straus or Kerrygold sweet butter from pastured cows
  • Unrefined Sea salt

Spread a thick layer of mayo on top of bread.  Grate 1 once of cheese per sandwich.  Heat a cast iron skillet on medium high.  Place a pat of butter in for each slice.  Place mayo covered side of bread on top of butter.  Add cheese, and top with a pat of butter, and a couple shakes of salt.  Place bread on top, with mayo side up.  Flip when toasted.  Press a bit with tool.  Done when both sides are toasted to your liking.  Enjoy!   Pairs well with a glass of  “Fetzer Gewurztraminer”!

Test conclusion:  The mayonnaise added a nice bit of tangy flavor which accentuated the nutty richness of the cheese.  The outer crisping was both tender and crunchy, for a more interesting mouth feel.  Over all I still prefer my old recipe and method as in this post…   Celebrate national Grilled Cheese Day! Fiscalini Artisnal Cheese, Aidells Uncured Salame, Kerrygold Butter, Alvarado St. Bread & Home-Made Tomato Pesto

The “Bare Foot Contessa  uses mayonnaise on the inside slices, where I put butter.  Any way you do it have fun and enjoy!



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