Low-Carb Scotch Eggs


Low-Carb/ Paleo/ Gluten-Free Scotch Eggs

Traditional Scotch eggs are usually; soft-boiled eggs,

covered in 1/4 inch or so of sausage, rolled in bread

crumbs and fried.  Using sausage without carbs, fillers or

chemicals makes it work for all three diets. Thousands of

variations of the recipe exist because it’s simple and easy

to modify.  Here are three different Low-Carb, Paleo, and

Gluten-Free options to “bread” the eggs;

  1. ground pork rinds
  2. coconut flour
  3. grated raw milk hard cheese

Each had nice finish, texture and crunch.  If I had one

more egg ready, I would have mixed all three for a forth



Use one peeled soft boiled egg for each Scotch Egg.

Use about 1/4 lb. of sausage for each egg.


Embellish the ground sausage with additional spices or

chopped vegetables & herbs as you desire.  Here I used

mild Italian flavored sausage, and added 3 cloves of

pressed garlic and about a teaspoon of diced jalapeño

pepper.  Make flat in the palm of your hand about 1/4 lb.

of sausage and place the egg inside.


Gently wrap press and push meat into an even layer

around the egg.  Cover and refrigerate up to 24 hours.


Prepare breading.  Grind pork rinds in spice mill.



First Scotch Egg, rolled in ground pork rinds.


Fried to golden about 2-3 minutes on each side at 350°

-375°.  Clean home-made lard is the best healthiest fat

to fry with!  To make lard, buy pork fat from local meat

processors, ask for fat from local farmstead animals fed

clean and raised humanely.  See below how to make lard.*

Home made Lard is a super food! Video

Some stores now sell clean pork, duck and other fats,

but the old plastic tubs of commercial lard are filled with

hydrogenated trans-fats and chemicals, do not use them.

Extra virgin cold pressed coconut or palm oil are also good.

Another option is bacon drippings from clean bacon.

In stead of frying, baking can work, but the eggs will be well

done not soft boiled.  Bake at 325°-350° for 25 minutes.


Scotch Egg rolled in coconut flour.


Scotch Egg rolled in grated cheese.




Left egg, ground pork rinds.  Middle egg, coconut

flour.  Right egg, grated raw milk hard cheese.

We enjoyed our Scotch Eggs with Magic Sauce




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