Lemon Verbena fresh leaf tea

DSC06918 (2)

Here are some of the health benefits of this Herb;

Reduces inflammation, and stress, helps
immune system, improves digestion, reduces gas,
bloating, diarrhea and constipation, aids in weight
loss, reduces fever, and recent studies have
shown body building benefits.

Here in California’s Central Valley, we’re facing 7-10 days
of temperatures ranging from 102 °- 112°, this is a heat
wave.  Cold steeped Lemon Verbena fresh leaf tea, beats
the heat.  Grow your own and make tea.  See recipe below.

DSC06919 (2)

Cold steeped Lemon Verbena fresh leaf tea

  • Cut stem of Lemon Verbena.  Wash gently.
  • Fill a large glass pitcher with filtered water.
  • Rub leaves to release their essence and place in
  • water.  Let steep 20 minutes or more.  Replace
  • water as needed.  Serve over ice.  Good for 2 days.


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