Pinecrest Lake Trail


  •  Pinecrest Lake Ca., just off Sonora Pass.  Beautiful
  • high mountain (5,600 ft.) reservoir with a day-use
  • beach, marina, recreation cabins, campgrounds,
  • an amphitheater and spectacular hiking trails.

  • Nov. 14th we were able to hike here, usually too
  • much snow by now.  With the benefit of my new
  • anaerobic exercises I was able to make it about 1/2
  • around to my favorite small waterfall.


  • The trail is around 3.9 miles, up to 5,700 feet elevation.
  • Maintained by PG&E and Stanislaus National Forest.
  • PG&E owns the dam used for generating hydroelectric.
  • Property’s have owners, but the land remains SNF.


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