Two Chicks

After years of neglect Mid-town Reno is alive & thriving!

Insanely popular great restaurants have popped up.

For starters “Two Chicks” is a hipster cool, veg-friendly, fresh local foods,

craft brew, local Wood-Fire Roasted coffee breakfast & lunch place.

Free!  Coffee while you wait.


These are real sourdough pancakes.


Delicious crispy hash browns, perfectly cooked omelet.

Chesses melts to die for, fries, it’s all just yum after yum!


These are real sourdough pancakes, with real

butter.  Especially great with,  “Pure maple syrup $1.99”

the first time I’ve seen it available in any restaurant.

To really do it right, I added 2 farm fresh, local, free-range eggs

over easy, again a little extra, but such a great option.




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