Jimmy’s at S. Lake Tahoe Ca.

Treat yourself to a 5 star breakfast, at 2 star pricing.

Go straight down Stateline Ave.  Park at the beach.

Turn around, cross the street & you’re at Jimmy’s.


Here we indulged in one of my favorite pass times.

Eating incredible food.

DSC07587 (2)

Other notes, “Kennebec fries” &  Chef’s House Made

Ice Cream Served in sugar candy bowl.  Next time.

DSC07586 (2)

Thanks’ Giving Morning we had it all, lake view

fire place, tv with foot ball & Macys parade.

DSC07590 (2)

DSC07592 (2)

Enjoy the public beach.

DSC07583 (2)

Sun set from top of Harris.


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