When I was a teenager in the 1960’s, every day after school,

I’d make an omelet and watch “Graham Kerr” on T V.

Here’s a delightful recipe that could have been his.


Sauté a few mushrooms in butter or bacon fat.

DSC07604 (2)

Remove and mix in 1/4 cup crab.

DSC07605 (2)

Finely grate 1/4 cup artisan cheese.  Prepare 1/3 avocado.

DSC07607 (2)

Whisk 3 eggs, & a bit of cream to frothy.  Heat a skillet

with butter or bacon fat.  Cook eggs lifting up edges so

uncooked mixture runs under.  When it looks like it will

hold together flip.  Turn off pan, place cheese then

mushroom crab mix, & avocado on eggs.  Cover with lid for

a few minutes.

DSC07608 (3)

DSC07608 (2)

Grown up now, I enjoyed my beautiful omelet

with a glass of  Gewurztraminer wine, and remember

Graham Ker, “The Galloping Gourmet”.



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