Bett’s Gold Coin Tavern OOB!

Yes it seems they’ve gone “Out Of Business”.  Sad!

Bett’s Gold Coin Sports Tavern, is the oldest 3 story adobe,

building in CA. still in use.  It was built by John C Freemont

and his wife as they layed out the town of Mariposa, in the

1850s.  info

Growing up in the 50’s 60’s, my brothers & I spent many

weekends, & summer vacations with our Grandma, Step-

grandpa, Cousins, Aunts and Uncles in Cathey’s Valley

and Mariposa.  We often went along with the “grown ups”

to various bars and taverns.  Playing with cousins was

always fun, we made up our own games.  Inside, outside

under tables, climbing, jumping, running.  No internet, no

electronic toys, no bicycle helmets, no bottled water.  Life

was good. One of the fun places, was “The Gold Coin” bar.

Now it’s fun too!  You can see the drinks we had.


Susie Gordo bartender


Double IPA,  Orange Whip Martini,  Buttery Nipple


Famous Wall Murals are from the late 1800s
by Cornelius J. (or Cornelious) Vejer in oil. The 3 scene

are all that’s left of 7, destroyed either by fire or remodeling.

D.C. Vejer would sign his work as ‘Con Vega’, although that

name doesn’t appear on the murals. The murals are all that

are left of a number his paintings in other buildings in Mariposa.

Artist, Marsha Crawford, “Yeshe“, repaired and restored the three

paintings as part of recent restorations by Helen Kwalwasser.




Painting of  Civil War iron clad vessel Merrimack


KP?  Scott, Sandy & Pam helping out.



Best bar tender, my cousin Susie






I remember like this but it’s much older


There’s so much here history, now good food & drink.

more history

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