Stilton Burger

This is a recipe our dear friend Jim Thompson brought back

from his trip to England in the early 1990’s, there he enjoyed

Stilton Burgers served in a pub.  My research indicates there

are lots of recipes for Stilton burgers, but Jim’s is the best.


You can see the beautiful Stilton cheese juice seeping

out of the burger.  It’s incredibly delicious.  I have made

these burgers 6 different ways.  We have found chopped

sirloin works the best;  mix 3 parts beef to 1 part

crumbled Stilton. Gently fold together, take care not to

compress the meat, which makes it tough. Add salt and

pepper on top. Place a skillet on medium low drizzle with

oil or healthy lard.

Home made Lard is a super food! Video

Cook patties until done. Here I have added sweet onion

fresh garden lettuce, my home-made black garlic aioli,

E-Z Black Garlic


and low carb bread.  Best served with a craft IPA beer,

or Mikami Vineyards Petite Sirah

Mikami Vineyards




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