Sprouted Almonds


Since ancient times nuts and seeds have been soaked and dried, for health and nutritional benefits.  This is called sprouting.  The growth process, wakes up the embedded nutrients locked inside, while at the same time depleting the seed’s protective enzymes that can be harmful to our digestive tract.   This is called sprouting.  For example phytic acid in raw, and in most commercial nuts & seeds including nut-butters & and spreads, can cause problems in the digestive tract, such as undigested protein.  Before eating nuts or making nut-butters, or flour, or milling, I recommend sprouting.

Sprouted Almonds

  • 4 cups raw unpasteurized almonds
  • 1 & 1/4 tablespoon unrefined sea salt
  • filtered water to more than cover

Soak for 12 hours change the water a couple times.   To prepare for drying, strain off water and dry nuts, on paper, or clean towels

How to dry Sprouted Almonds          It’s important to not over dry, watch your nuts!

  • Dry at 100-110 , in a dehydrator, approx. 8 hours.
  • Sun dry, as you would fruits or vegetables.
  • Oven method:  Place oven on the lowest setting, and wedge a wood spoon in the door to keep it a-jar.  Spread nuts on to cookie sheets, and flip nuts every hour or so.  Some ovens have a bread proofing setting which is perfect.  The point is if you are using an oven for this, watch your nuts, stir them, and test for them.
  • You can also use a cast iron skillet on the stove top, use the lowest setting, and turn the burner off and on, the draw back to this method, is that you don’t want to crowd the pan, so you can only dry a few at a time.   This has worked well for me in the past when I didn’t have a dehydrator or a working oven, I just cut the soaking recipe down to 1/4.
  • Store in air tight jars.    google – k2 unlimited content

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