Craftsman and Wolves Visit


On Monday my husband Scott and our friends Ken & Kris took our annual trek to the city.  My focus of course was cuisine.  The high point for all of us was Craftsman and Wolves bakery and restaurant.  Many renown reviews have been written about CAW, but I doubt any one had an experience like mine.  First I feel a bit of that “county cousin” feeling, being not from the city, but the staff soon put me at ease. Friendly, but not pushy or pretentious and good answering my questions. The pasties are incredible to look at. Edible works of art.  Whimsical, intriguing and sometimes juxtaposed as in the “haute dog”,  hot dog, mustard seed croissant, salt & vinegar beet chips.  The eye candy is extraordinary, like the tart of sweet corn, blond chocolate, coconut, and caramel.  The Chocolate croissant stack screamed bite me!  I did and wow, the buttered layers melted in my mouth, mixing the sensations of crisp, tender, sweet, pastry, chocolate, butter and a bit of salt. How can food that looks so good taste so good!

Here is more than just great quality cuisine, and sensory delight.  It’s also food for though, capturing your imagination and filling your brain so full of fantasy you can’t stop thinking of it and more possibilities.  Working our way toward the ball park (to watch the S F Giants) we walked past many local grocery stores and my thoughts went to…Oh look think what they could do with that at CAW.  Charred tomatillo corn flake and hominy muffin, orange sickle sticks like the popsicle with sweet white vanilla cake inside and rich orange cream coating, blood pudding, sweet rice, egg and coconut sugar wrapped in puff pastry …corn dogs…then at the ball park…garlic fries, nachos, kettle corn, red ropes, hot chocolate well those last thoughts were at the ball park.  What a wonderful find!   We will be back to CAW!

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