My 63rd Birthday Celebration

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On Sunday we had people over to celebrate my 63rd birthday. Above are a few pictures. I made most everything. We enjoyed fantastic company, fun conversations, games, jokes, adult beverages, and lots of great food!

Most of the food was local, or home-grown.  The pizzas were as seen in my post Artisan Sourdough Pizza Home Made Video . My husband Scott grows heirloom tomatoes, and peppers, and I used a ton of them.  One of the sauces was a new recipe, (coming soon) “Blended Garden Fresh Pesto”.  The tomato sauces were ,E-Z tomato sauce, both red and gold, and the always popular Chadwick Cherry Heirloom Tomato Pesto  I used a verity of meats, Aidells Cajun Andouille, or Italian sausage.  From Dave’s Meat Service I used farmstead pork for my Pork Chile Verde roast, bacon and ground pork.  Lots of good cheeses, and olives.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the pizzas very much.

For the green salads, I made my Live Blue Cheese Dressing, but also a new one “Honey Dijon Vinaigrette” (recipe coming soon). I also made one of my old favorites, the balsamic vinegar, olive oil, lettuce and fresh cherry tomato salad.

I found these great new chips that are non-GMO, that went fabulous with my fresh from the garden Late Harvest Pico De Gallo.  You know I made my Fast & Easy Guacamole.  At the last-minute I threw together a black bean dip from a can in the pantry.

Old school foodies can’t eat a meal with out a relish tray.  Mine was my Paleo Probiotic Pickles and Probiotic Fermented Whole or Sliced Beets.

A few days before I made my Chile Relleno Jalapeno Poppers, froze them, then thawed and reheated them for a tasty for treat.

The most sinful thing was my decadent cookies, only once a year!

Beer and wine of course.  This very interesting adult drink I made was a blended ice coffee drink.  Brandy, cold steeped coffee, Straus cream, a bit of simple sugar syrup, and filtered water ice.  Incredible!

Just to go a little over the top.  Blended, “Peaches and Cream Frappe’s”.

I’m so proud of all my wonderful guest, who talked and laughed and enjoyed and shared and made all Scott and my efforts so worth it.  I received many thoughtful, sweet cards, and gifts.

Thank You every one.

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