Greek Yogurt Probiotic Home Made

This was actually one of my first videos, I didn’t happen to post it. It’s been very popular on my You Tube channel.

Thick and creamy, rich Greek yogurt, you can make at home.  Probiotic healthy, and tastes so good.  Mix with your nuts, or fruits, or herbs,& spices, or just eat and enjoy.  Customize combinations to your taste and eliminate highly sugared and chemical laden store-bought yogurt. The whey can be strained off, to make a tangy rich cream cheese that stands up well to herbs, or used in sauce or baking.   The whey is great, and can be used for so many health and beauty benefits.  Here are a few: ” New Video Whey Power Drink Home-Made,” add to bath for skin care, Orange Whip Power Drink or Cocktail also can be used in making probiotic vegetables.


Greek Yogurt Probiotic Home Made

Greek Yogurt Probiotic Home Made

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