Greek Yogurt

Snapshot 1 (6-11-2016 3-05 PM)

1 Quart of raw or only pasteurized  whole milk.

Snapshot 2 (6-11-2016 3-07 PM)

Snapshot 3 (6-11-2016 3-08 PM)Snapshot 5 (6-11-2016 3-10 PM)

Snapshot 6 (6-11-2016 3-10 PM)

Scoop out & refrigerate.  Keeps for 2 weeks.

Snapshot 7 (6-11-2016 3-11 PM)

Strain thru a tea towel to make yogurt cheese,

and whey for energy drinks.  Freeze as you would

Ice Cream!  Enjoy this healthy probiotic treat.


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